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[Guide] Planning, Building, Playing and Mastering your character

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 02:58 PM

So I often see ppl jumping in the bandwagon & starting play what others are good at, and the result is usually close to a nightmare:

A lot of people playing a class/spec that is badly planned, badly made, gear that isn't fit for the role etc. Not to mention the ppl that can't play the classes. "But eva's so good with shaman"

So here's a guide how to successfully get a strong char & not get a -20 kpd vs everyone of same level.

1. Think of what you're good at in the game; Are you great at aiming, or dodging bullets? Do you plan ahead? etc.

2. Pick a class that fits what you are good at. For example for good aimers, warrior works well quite often (not always, for example eva plays shaman!)

3. Level the character to 60. Get a 60 epic set and the parts you can't get as 60e get as 64 rare. (easiest way is to talk to everyone you know, make a buying request on forum about it, and check the auction house very often). (Note: the gear helps you figure out how strong the class is. 60 epics also are relatively cheap to get!)
(Probably the only set of gear you can find on this mod, that is both cheap and effective! Just sayin')

4. Play the character with your 60 epic set to 72 and equip your 64 rares when you can.

5. When 72, if you don't feel like you like the class, it's time to start thinking of what other classes fit your skills. If it feels like the class was made for you, it is about time to start thinking about a talent build. If necessary tho, you may play it a bit longer before deciding (i'd go up to 80, but never further than that unless i knew i'd like playing it even after that).

Thinking of a talent build, and planning it.

Talent build is an important part of your character, and what makes it strong.

What to think of while picking talents?

Well first off: What fits your goal with the character. Do you aim towards being tanky, doing tons of damage, or being slightly tanky while having medicore damage?

Then once you've made your choice, start think of what talents help you with that goal. Also, remember to think about talent combos. (As an example, warrior's thoughness and armed to the teeth work together pretty well)

Level 80+

Taken, that you are done with your well planned talent build, are sure that you are playing the class you are happy with etc, we can proceed.

Now it's time to take a closer look at your character: Specifically start to get gear towards your goal.
Get gear that will help you closer to your goal. If you have picked talents that get/give effectiveness to criticals, aim at getting gear that gives crit chance. Keep in mind that there almost always is at least more than one way to achieve your goal.


Just a note: it probably is a bad idea to copy some one's talent build. But it might help to ask for advice :)

That's a simple 15-minute-written guide :D

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 02:28 AM

+1 for Tas!

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