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Posted 08 August 2012 - 02:31 PM

These rules apply for all WoW mod servers we have.

Chat Related

No racism.
Mute, Kick, Ban, Permanent ban.

We are strong community, and anyone being direspectful or misbehaving towards any wow mod server player is strongly discouraged
This includes swearing at any admin, player, his family members, etc.
Warning, Slap, Slay, Kick, Ban, Permanent Ban

Excessive swearing over chat or voice may be prosecuted
Mute, Gag, Slay, Kick, Ban

No advertising for other servers.
Forgiven if wasn't made on purpose, otherwise Permanent ban.

English ONLY over the microphone
Mute, Kick, Short ban.

Spamming of the microphone/chat will not be tolerated
Mute, Kick, Short ban.

If you have not yet hit puberty, be very careful to be mature on the mic or dont use it
Mute, Kick, Short ban.

Do not try to request feature/balance/etc changes in-game, do it on forum!
No action, your words won't be heard in game

WoW mod Mechanics Related

Stat/Level padding
Minus Level, Character Deletion, Ban.

Do not take advantage of glitches in game. ie finding an exploit in gaining XP, etc.
Get rewarded for report, or die in ban for abusing

Gameplay Related

Killing yourself to purposefully get out of dying to another player is not allowed.
Warning, Kick, Short ban

Camping is allowed only if it helps you pursue the objective or first 30 seconds. Non-tactical camping can be punished in the following ways.
Beacon, Slay, Kick, Short ban.

You MAY NOT sit atop ROOFS that when looking at the roof/walls is invisible
Slay, Kick, Short ban.

Do not Ghost/Comment on other peoples skills or playing while dead! (DO NOT ASK FOR RESURECTION)
Warning, Ban

Do not kill hostages on purpose to make your objective easier, if they are killed in combat, or are being rescued during Death Match, those would be the only acceptable times.
Warning, Kick, Short ban

Have fun! It's a game. Don't disrespect admins they are there to ensure game stays fun, and free from cheaters, flamers, trollers, spammers, etc.

Admins Related
In case of admin breaking any of the rules he should be immediately recorded using demo and created topic on forum in Report Admin section.
No other admin except 'root' can take an action against admins.

When banning a guy for cheating, always take demo in case the player seems to be offended and only IF he comes to forums you need to upload it incase the bans.wowmod.eu corrupts demos like 99% of time.

Edited by stinkyfax, 08 August 2012 - 09:25 PM.
added rule about camping

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