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Boss tactics

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 02:49 PM

Boss tactics shall be written here.
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Posted 28 September 2012 - 04:24 PM

Frost Mage

Frost Barrier
Frost Nova
Frost Bolt

The Boss Uses Frost Barrier, and then when the Frost barrier Breaks it will use Frost nova instantly.
Blizzard deals heavy damage, when its being cast move away.

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Posted 14 October 2012 - 07:52 PM

Ill make this short, and that ppl really understand!!


This boss use these spells:
-Frost Nova (and he cast frost barrier at the same time) THIS IS WITH WARNING, move away, if not, u are going to be killed pretty soon, since u get increased dmg while frosted!!!!


-Blizzard, This spell/talent will be casted every time its off from cooldown!! and it will be casted in front OR under boss, This deal heavy dmg, dont stand in it!!

If u stand inside boss, u will get bullet to ur head!

there is going to be "threat buff" spell too, Frost bolt

Follow these tactics and u have better change to win boss..

and ye... dont forget scorch = alot dmg...

get tanks... 2x threat


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Posted 06 January 2013 - 06:58 PM


Warlock = minion

Warlock will be casting dots from time to time. You can not kill him before you kill the priest, or he'll just be respawned.

Has fear & hellfire with warning. (may be cast sperarately, or at the same time!) Might be a tactical move; cause priests to not be able to heal by fearing them.

Priest will heal/shield himself. The priest is a disc priest, so it'll have reflective shield. That's the main concern: Watch your hp so you know when you are close to die. Taking reflective shield damage while dots do aoe might be a dangerous combo.

Shield will NOT have a warning cos they cover other messages :( causing hellfire to not have a warning :D!

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#5 OFFLINE   Tas


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Posted 19 January 2013 - 05:17 PM

Copied from old forum. First cata baws attempt after reset (might require rebalancing, that's why attempt.)

3. - Warrior

3.1 - Arms
Basically, this boss is about melee proc's and healing reduction, so you should have a lot of Shamans / Discipline Priests. (Absorbing and melee damage reduction)
The boss hits for about 40 on a 80 level with 750 armor with normal threat, but the proc's are totally different.
The boss has a maximum of 130 rage.

1. - Mortal Strike
Basic spell of an Arms Warrior, making it dangerous.
This spell deals +37% extra damage and reduces all healing you gain by 50% for 5 seconds.
If only this spell comes off with the threat, you'll get hit for about 55 damage.

2. - Critical hit
This hasn't been listed before on other bosses, unlikely will be, but I thought of mentioning this here. Unlike other Warriors, an Arms Warrior can pull off +120% critical hit damage, so they hit for 20% more when they deal a critical hit, making this dangerous.

3. - Heroic Strike
This ability will always pull off about 50 damage on 50% reduction, therefore if this keeps on coming, you're as good as dead.
Armor reduces the damage it deals although, you could pretty much put it like this:
Base damage: ~100
So with 70% damage reduction this will only deal about 30 damage. Don't underestimate this although, even if a tank can take this, others can't.

4. - Whirlwind
Small AoE ability, has no warning, armor reduces this one also. Deals off about 178 damage on a target with 0 damage reduction.
Has a slightly higher distance than TC, so easily avoided by just not standing too near the boss if you are on low health.

5. - Thunder Clap
Knocks you down in one hit, can be spell reflected, so if you like gambling, feel free to try to reflect this spell.
The spell hits for about 10,000, so you can deal tons of damage at the boss with reflection.
Distance is a bit smaller than Whirlwind, so running away from this is easy.
This spell has a warning; "Clap, clap, dance to Trance!"

6. - Rend
Just a copy of Rogue's poison, this spell leaves a DoT and the damage can be reduced with armor.
Deals about 18 damage per tick, total of 5 ticks, each tick activating every 3 seconds, so in total, 15 seconds duration and a total of about 90 damage on a target with no armor.

7. - Deep Wounds
Every time the boss does a critical hit, it leaves a Deep Wound, dealing off 20% of the critical hit's damage over 5 seconds.
So if your tank gets all the threat damage proc's etc. at once and a critical hit, it's pretty much done for the tank unless he surpasses entry-level gear requirements.

8. - Execution
Only works on targets below 30% health, so this won't come all the time. Also has a CD of about 5 seconds.
Deals 1.5 damage per the amount of rage the boss has, so the maximum hit is 195.

9. - Sweeping Strikes
The boss will yell out a warning "Sweep, sweep! Lets clean this room!" when the boss activate this ability.
For the next 10 seconds, the next 5 attacks which hit the tank, will also deal 50% of that damage to a nearby enemy, therefore, you should run away from the tank so you won't get hit by this. The range for this is really small, about half smaller than Whirlwind's range, so it's not that scary if you just know how to avoid stuff.

10. - Precise Blows
Thought this would be worth mentioning. The boss ignores 15% of your armor, so you really should have a lot of armor and health.

Edit by Porta; Dont belive those numbers, this boss is unbalanced atm, and we are going to test this now...

Edited by Porta, 19 January 2013 - 06:52 PM.

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