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WoW mod forum is desolated. If you are looking for us - join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/KqaKUPB . With love and gratitude, Stinkyfax.

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Can i ban everyone now :D

Off-topic 08 Apr 2018
just for the lolz
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Anyone still out there?

General Discussion 25 Mar 2018
Hello old friends. I encourage any of you reading this who remember me, Tiny, to add my steam profile. Would be good to catchup! Many fond memories. http://steamcommunit...d/TinyTerror12/
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There is a bug on the forum

Report bugs and lost valuables 12 Nov 2017
So it seems like a bug on the forum where noone posts anymore, where is everyone?
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Anyone with experience with the mod that wanna help out?

General Discussion 29 Jan 2017
Working on an EU-server, with a bit more functions than just the mod.. So if anyone except Hani and Chip as they are locked to switch, are capable with sourcepawn, and want to help out, I would be really happy :)/> A little explaining on the other functions; A web-system where you can gear...
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CS:GO Server - Non-Stinky

News 09 Jan 2017
Hey, so as some of you know, two developers & an old USA player have decided to continue on the legacy of wowmod, keeping it alive. We've opened up a USA-located server over at The two developers working on the server are both me and Sirchipnsalsa, and it's hosted...
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